by Paper Space

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone for listening/downloading and for believing in us while we took our sweet fucking time to make this. As per usual, this EP was created independently by us for zero dollars in a bedroom and while we know it isn't perfect, this is our baby and we are so very proud of it. We really hope you enjoy and would just like you to know that your support is essential to our existence and we cannot begin to tell you the magnitude in which we appreciate all of you. Stay sikk. (whoop whoop)


released October 21, 2016

Recorded over the course of several months in 2016 at Kurt's house in Empire, CA

Paper Space is Max Basso (vox, guitars), Miles Ishmael (bass guitar, backing vox on tracks 2 and 4), and Kurt Wars (drums, additional guitars, keys & synths, backing vox on tracks 2, 4, and 5).

all these songs were written by Paper Space from 2014-2015 and all the lyrics were written by Max Basso. Max also did the Fireboy painting.



all rights reserved


Paper Space Waterford, California

max, kurt, & miles. cali bedroom punx. Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: Livid
I waited here for you,
my knuckles all red and blue
tried to think of something
nice to say, but nothing
came my way

I waited on the steps for you
but I knew you weren't telling the truth
there was something else on your brain
I'm never gonna see you again
Track Name: Summer
summer makes me feel all alone
and the sun it has shone
and I can tell by the ringing of my phone
that you are coming home
I can say you're a friend of mine
and I am doing fine
but you're impossible to find
just like you were the first time

I always try to hide
the tears in my eyes
but never does life
make me break down and cry

history repeats itself
and I'm convinced that you need help
because if I were you
I wouldn't do this to myself
I'm not someone to fear
I'm just a little bit hard to hear
but if you look into my eyes
I don't have much to hide

I tried to be someone you could love
but you're convinced in the people above
it makes me wonder why
I even write this stuff

I can't even look at you
and I know that you can see right through
I shouldn't have made you do
things you didn't wanna do
I'm not someone to fear
I've done all i could do to get here
but now I've hurt myself
now I'd rather be anywhere else

I always try to hide
the tears in my eyes
but never does life
make me break down and cry
Track Name: Things I've Done
I've been given a lot of time
to think of things I've done
at home I try to find things
I've convinced myself I've won
it seems as though you've been
given much the same, to think
if you could live with him
and should you play his game

now it's all just a promise
with love strapped to it
he only says it 'cause he
knows you'll do it

I've taken to walking to find
something to do, but it all
amounts to nothing if I
cannot walk to you
I know that you can see it,
he has ways to get around
but it all amounts to nothing
if he's weighted to the ground

now it's all just a promise
with love strapped to it
he only says it 'cause he
knows you'll do it

if I'm given the option,
I'm walking all the same
to try to keep a promise,
though for you it never came
and I don't think it's
worth my dumb apology,
because I am only given
now the way I should've seen

now it's all just a promise
with love strapped to it
he only says it 'cause he
knows you'll do it
Track Name: Toad
she asks if everything's okay
when you're in town
you answer yes as you
lie back down and
you know that your
answer's not right
while your best friend's
in the other room
dying inside

and that's alright

my brother's slurring and
talking into yours
while i look through
everything that you
left in drawers
that look much bigger
than they really are,
and if I focus I can
see really far

and it's a sight

into the future where
I can see everything's the same,
just a couple of negatives
looking for a positive change
you know it's bad when you
put it in the back of your mind
while your best friend's in the
other room, dying inside

but that's just fine

there's dirt on your hands,
there's dirt on mine
she says "hey man,
he's killing my vibe"
vibes are all we have
in this golden age
or maybe I'm just
fucked up 'cause of
something I ate

but I'll be fine

I really gotta reach to touch
the ceiling of this place
he's really gotta reach to
find something he can't face
while you spill your guts
out all over the floor
I start to wonder
why I try anymore

but that's alright

I'm not gonna lie,
it's really refreshing
to talk to someone
who doesn't need
I'm starting to feel
like that's all
I'm good for
you don't even
treat me like a
friend anymore

and that's alright
Track Name: Breathe
you're a tough one to break in a world of the weak
who will blend right in and try to take that from you.
what a thing to do

I try to be tough but it's hard to keep up
in a world that's hell-bent on trying to bring you down
I don't like that sound

now, answer me honestly
now, do you still think of me?

breathe in the air with me

I'm a soft one to break, I'm just like all the others
but you were my escape into another world
where I am respected

lately I feel like I have no emotion
and my time has been spent making friends
with the smoke in the air
and that's not too good of me

now, answer me honestly
now, what do you think of me?

breathe in the air with me