I'm Glad

by Paper Space

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we sincerely thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to listen to us or for downloading the EP. these five songs mean a great deal to us and even though this EP is far from being perfect, we're pretty proud of what we were able to accomplish with such limited resources. we love all of you. take care of yourselves.


released April 14, 2015

all songs written and performed by Paper Space. all lyrics written by Max Basso

Paper Space is
Max Basso - vocals, rhythm & acoustic guitars
Kurt Wars - drums, synths, guitars, production
Miles Ishmael - bass guitar, production

recorded from January to March 2015 in Empire, CA

recorded and mixed by Kurt Wars and Miles Ishmael

the sample in 50's Thing (intro) is from the 1958 Italian sci-fi film "The Day the Sky Exploded".




all rights reserved


Paper Space Waterford, California

max, kurt, & miles. cali bedroom punx. Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: 50's Thing (intro)
*rabble rabble* TOWARDS THE EARTH
Track Name: Overseas
send me a light from your collection
should it lead me to where you go
take me by the senses and I'll know
let time draw me below
send me a map to your country
with coordinates at hand
and I'll trek through the windings of your land
'cause I don't even know where I am

nightly I'll dream about you
as I sail through the air
and even when I feel like my lead is gone
it's like you're always there

show me how you left here
I can only imagine where you are
I hope it's what you've always dreamed
I hope that you can hear me from this far
when I get to where you're going
I will breathe in that sweet air
and even though I know that you're not watching
I can still feel you there

nightly I'll dream about you
as I sail through the air
and even when I feel like my lead is gone
it's like you're always there
Track Name: What Do?
why's everybody so upset?
we haven't even gotten to the root of the problem yet
there's a bandit in my house and he's stealing all my things
he wears a store-bought mask and the trouble that he brings
he says he knows me from somewhere, well that's alright
he barks out that it's true, says he knows how to fight
they see you standing around, they don't know who you are
they take one look and they say "man, he's not going very far"

I see you left this morning, you left the door ajar
and I can tell just by that you haven't gone very far
and I won't get my stuff back 'cause I hate saying no
he looks up at me and says "where am I supposed to go?"
he looks back down, walks out, slams the door
and then I say "well I'm sorry friend, that's not my problem anymore"
Track Name: Team
I have lost my novelty
you've lost your head
before we know, you keep going
who's gonna stop you, friend?

I've been stricken with familiarity
but I still feel down
you lost lost, forgot, and judged me
when I'm nowhere to be found

your same old melody
stuck on repeat
if I get tired of listening
too bad for me

I'm held to an image
we both look the same
more inside than outside
but we still play this game

and I believe you're playing me
for what I really am
a fool without confidence
a fool who cant stand

you're a hard one to read
increasing in difficulty
if there's one thing I love it's the
thought of you loving me

I'm sick of the monotony
there's no point to this scheme
how can you refuse to be around me?
we're supposed to be a team
Track Name: I'm Glad
I'm glad that you don't need me anymore
like you did when we first closed the door
and I'm glad that you're finally over it,
but i want you to know, you can still come home to me

I'm sure that it's cold where you are
but that's okay, warmth isn't very far from you
I wish that i could say the same thing, but I can't
'cause it's just me, and I know you can't warm up to me

I will light a fire if if it's what you'd like, it'll take me some time
but that's all right, 'cause it's for you
It's a shame that I cannot sit there next to you,
'cause I'm so cold, but you won't be fooled again by me

I wish I could take back everything I said that night, if only I could.